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My personal university notes. If anything is missed/inaccurate please feel free to contact me!

One cool thing about the Data Protection Act 1998

Most people don't realise that the Data Protection Act can be used as a two way street. The main purpose is to protect a persons private information, but as shown in the picture above, can also be used to obtain... Continue Reading →


Parliamentary Sovereignty? If we leave the EU, what happens with the European Convention on Human Rights?

With the uproar with brexit and the European Union, Parliamentary sovereignty is an interesting topic to discuss. Unfortunately the majority who voted to leave the European Union, did so with the presumption that this will reduce immigration. There is a... Continue Reading →

Why you should be purchasing electrical items online, instead of in store..

Most people, including myself, usually purchase electric items in store rather than online. This can be for many reasons, probably because you want the item that day rather than in 3-5 days time. However, when items are purchased in store,... Continue Reading →

Why the law of diminished responsibility could be a safeguard for potential criminals

Diminished responsibility is a defence for reducing a sentence of murder to voluntary manslaughter. For example; Person A suffers from a recognised medical condition, such as schizophrenia, who regularly takes medication.  Person A then decides to stop taking their medication,... Continue Reading →

Can Donald Trump change the constitution?

An extremely controversial statement admittedly. However, after a discussion it became clear that this was how many people felt. Donald Trump now being the 45th president has brought many arguments and interesting statements such as that above. But, can Donald... Continue Reading →

If the police stop me, what can they do?

  Police powers, in general, is an interesting topic because the majority do not know what the police can, or cannot do.   Do I have to talk to the police?... The immediate answer is no. A police constable does... Continue Reading →

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